It is a buffered acid descaling detergent, pleasantly fragranced , specific for cleaning the grout between the tiles. It penetrates deeply into the grout lines and into the interstices between tiles. It removes blackening, halos, calcareous deposits and dirt particularly resistant to common detergents. With very little effort and in a few moments, PULIFUGA Fast renews the joints between the tiles restoring their original cleanliness.

Suitable for cleaning horizontal and vertical joints between the tiles, mosaics, floors and coverings. The proper cleaner for ceramic, terracotta, clinker, porcelain, stone and stone materials resistant to acids. It can be use for cleaning grout lines and for descaling tiles as well.


  • Restores the grouts’ original cleanliness
  • Acts quickly
  • Removes blackening, halos and encrustations
  • It is not toxic or harmful, does not emit bad odours
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